Arabian Rice

Aromatic Arabian Rice with the option of 4 delicious flavors

Arabian Rice with Crispers

Amazing Arabian Rice with 4 Crispy Chicken Crispers

Arabian Rice with Hotshots

Amazing Arabian Rice with Crispy chicken hotshots and premium sauces.

Buddy Box

Enjoy a juicy patty burger with fries, 2 chicken nuggets, 2 Crispy Oreo Cookies along with a Mango juice pack. Best deal for your little Buddy.

Cappuccino Coffee

This cappuccino is the perfect balance of hand-picked Arabica coffee beans, skimmed milk powder, and sugar.

Chicken Patty Burger

Delicious chicken patty between soft buns & the splash of cheese & BBQ sauce

Chicken Wings

5 Pieces of delicious crispy wings with your favorite flavor.

Crisperi Burger

Enjoy crispy juicy chicken coated with peri mayo sauce between soft buns


Super delicious chicken fries with your favorite sauce & masala (8 to 10 Pieces)

Crispy Burger

Enjoy Crispy Juicy chicken coated with special sauce between Soft Buns

Crispy Chicken Stick

Delicious Chicken Bites with Masala and Sauces



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